Current Research

Mitochondria stained using TMRM. These are neonatal rat cardiomyocytes cultured on PDMS for 5 days without any alignment and using fibronectin coating.
Neonatal rat ventricular myocytes stained for mitochondria using TMRM.

Metabolic behavior of cells and tissues are directly related to the their capability of recovering after an acute episode or even responding to treatments to chronic conditions. In addition, cellular response to lack of nutrients and its ability to re-adapt under different extracellular matrix properties will dictate how well a patient recovers after a heart attack and if a given episode will only impact in the short-term or might lead to death.

In order to understand better those cellular processes, I am working under supervision of Dr. Megan McCain at the Laboratory for Living Systems Engineering. My project focuses on the study of mechanical and chemical regulation of mitochondrial behavior and structure.

For more information, consult my publications or contact me. Suggestions of disease models and challenges in this area are also appreciated.