About me

I am Brazilian PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and Health, Technology and Engineering graduate certificate student at the University of Southern California, since August 2012.

I am a researcher with the Laboratory for Living Systems Engineering, working under supervision of Prof. Megan McCain, focusing on methods for precision medicine, currently developing tissue engineering applications to investigate cardiovascular and muscular diseases. My research goals are to develop tools that will lead to better characterization of diseases in a personalized level, reducing the need (or steps) of trial and error in treatments, and improving the outcomes especially for patients with chronic diseases.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Brasília (Brazil) in July 2012, where I conducted my research at the Digital Signal Processing Group and at the Medical Imaging and Signal Processing Group. I worked under supervision of Professors João Luiz Carvalho and Ricardo Lopes de Queiroz.

In addition from August 2012 to May 2014, I worked under supervision of Professor Krishna Nayak on projects related to MR image formation and analysis for disease characterization. Finally, my professional experience includes three years as mathematics and physics tutor and teacher for high school and pre-admission level students.

In 2011, I was awarded with the second prize of best student paper in Latin America by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, for my introductory work with parallel imaging (see publications). The results of this research were also presented on 2012 ISMRM and IEEE EMBC conferences.

For further information, my CV is available here (English) and also in a Portuguese version on the Lattes platform.