Swedish healthcare myths

In less than two minutes (starting at 4:16 in this video), Johan Norberg, senior fellow of the Cato Institute in Washington DC, destroys the “perfect healthcare” Swedish system:



One can always choose not to innovate, but this person or population should know that in the long run it will ask the price, unless someone is innovating for you. Of course, the American system that he defends has problems, especially related to the skyrocketing costs and excess of regulations in a big number of areas. Nevertheless, as he points, this model is much better in promoting health, and is the one responsible for spreading, researching and developing the cure and treatments for various diseases around the world.

In an article for the Cato Institute, he claims that economic relief given by welfare States does not generate value for its population, therefore, it does not avoid social problems, as recent riots in Stockholm have shown. Finally, in his personal blog, he comments about the Cuban myths in healthcare, education and prosperity and discusses about other areas where free market (or at least more competitive infrastructures) can benefit everyone.


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